How to get Golden Key in SimCity BuildIt

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When playing the game SimCity BuildIt, there are a number of tasks and challenges that lie ahead in the game. These tasks and challenges are meant to help you unlock many more services and gears that will help you build better and also to get more golden key. Aside from SimCash and Simoleons, the golden key is the one factor that you will not be able to get for free. In fact, these golden keys are required to unlock specialized buildings that will help you earn more Simoleons and will also keep your citizens happy.

Way to get the golden key fast

The only thing that cannot be bought with SimCash or Simoleons is the Golden Key and is also considered as the ultimate currency. They are also an essential requirement as they can be used to purchase premium building specializations for worship, landmarks, gambling, mountain, entertainment, beach, transportation, education and parks. These building will prove to be important to help boost the population of your city and increase the happiness of those living in your city.

However earning the Golden key can be done by completing the task given through the following methods:

  • Vu Tower Disaster Challenges: In order to unlock Dr. Vu’s Tower, youfirst need to reach a population of 90,000 in your city and then pay to unlock it. It will give you the power to unleash a number of Disaster challenges on your city by providing Dr. Vu with Gloves, Launchers and batteries when you want make a natural disaster happen in order to get rid of the existing building to rebuild it later on. The concept behind this madness is that when you rebuild, it will result in getting you multiple golden keys. When a disaster occurs, a number of buildings will be destroyed and you will have to rebuild almost every building which means you will get the chance to win more number of golden keys.
  • Cargo Shipments: When you unlock Cargo Dock, you will start to get orders of cargo shipment for three types of items along with the number of items required. You will them have to complete the task given to you after finding the required items within a time span of 18 hours. When you complete the task, you will be able to get a golden key. The drawback with cargo shipment is that you will be able to get only a single golden key while the Dr.Vu Tower Disaster challenges will help you get many golden keys.

On getting the golden key, you can use it for unlocking a number of buildings and other items. Since the golden key is difficult to obtain, the demand for the key is high and challenges that you will have to face to obtain the key are also difficult to overcome. You will be able to play the game better when you use simcity buildit hack as you gain more experiences. SimCity BuildIt is a fun game to play.

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